Rows of Potatoes

Flowering Okra

Inside the High Tunnel giving a tour to a local organization

Your Farm

Our Philosophy
Pleasant Hill Produce grows high quality, safe food for the local Frederick community. We use organic and sustainable practices to maintain the farm for ourselves and future generations to use. We never use synthetic insecticides or herbicides. Purposeful plantings attract beneficial insects and discourage the destructive ones. Weeds are controlled by hoeing, mulching, and hand weeding. We use cover crops to build soil organic matter and protect topsoil from erosion. Rainwater is collected and stored for irrigation. Our flock of laying hens are free from hormones, antibiotics, and cages. Their diet consists of goodies found in their natural environment, GMO-free feed from our local farmers cooperative, and veggies from the farm. We are transparent in our practices so if you have any questions, please ask!

​Get to Know Your Food
When you buy from Pleasant Hill Produce, you get to meet the farmers who grow your food - us! We will openly communicate with you about how we grow your food. If you have any questions about our farming practices or values, just ask! By eating locally and seasonally, your food is guaranteed fresh with no preservatives, additives, or other unknown ingredients. You know what you're eating at Pleasant Hill Produce.

Support your Farm Community and Local Economy
Small farms are disappearing from the American landscape. By supporting our small family farm, you are empowering a small, local company. Together we are cutting out the middlemen. We keep your food dollar local and support Frederick’s economy.  We have lived in Frederick for most our lives and love the strong connections we have with our community.  It is exciting to give back to Frederick with our sustainable farm.

Diverse and Delicious
Operating on two farms totaling 4 acres, we have a lot of diversity in our crop production. Over the course of the season, we will grow many different varieties of vegetables. And since we are local, the time between harvest and consumption is reduced so you get fresher food that tastes better. Unlike many industrial farmers that harvest for shipping and shelf-life, we harvest at peak ripeness for flavor. ​

Connect to Frederick
Pleasant Hill Produce is not just a farm, it’s an experience. Connect to the land, your farmer, and your food by visiting the farm and watching your food grow. Connect with your community by meeting and socializing with others that share a common desire for fresh food. We look forward to exchanging recipes, stories, experiences, and growing together with the seasons.

Good for the Environment
Pleasant Hill Produce is an environmentally friendly option because we reduce the number of miles your food travels. We also use sustainable farming techniques that will protect our land for future generations to use. Cover crops, crop rotation, companion planting, beneficial insects, and other techniques limit the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Decrease your carbon footprint by purchasing our local food!