Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a CSA membership?

  • Your share will contain a wide variety of freshly picked, seasonal vegetables that are washed and ready to eat. Each week, a box of vegetables will be packed for you to enjoy and delivered to your pick-up location. Boxes will include a meal portion for each vegetable. Regular shares feed about a family of four and small shares feed about two. Meals and portions vary for each home so please keep in mind this is only an estimate. The types of vegetables your boxes contain will change throughout the season as different vegetables are harvested at different times of the year. No two boxes will ever have the exact same items. Generally, the most variety will be during the late summer and fall season when the summer and fall crops are both being harvested. Every week you will get at least one new veggie. We put a lot of thought into the boxes and do our best to provide you with vegetables that go well together (i.e. garlic, onions, peppers, potatoes or salad mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes). Please see the bottom of the Your Food page to see what crops we grew for members in 2017.

  • Access to your own online 'portal' to make changes to your account, schedule vacation holds, and purchase other local products through the 'share add-on' tool. 

  • Optional Egg, Fruit, and Farm Extra Shares. 

  • An invitation to join our private members-only Facebook page and newsletters with updates from the farm, information about vegetables in season, and recipe ideas. 

  • Discounts on market and bulk purchases.

How do I join Pleasant Hill Produce’s CSA?

Please visit the CSA Sign Up page. Sign up using the online system and pay by cash, check or credit card. There is a 3% fee to cover processing charges if paying with a credit card. We have a limited number of shares and they are available on a first come, first served basis. If you have any questions, please email Ben at or call at 301-471-2699.

Do I pay when I sign up?

A 25% deposit is required when you sign up for your membership. The remainder is due before June 1st. 

Do you have payment plans available for the CSA membership?

We are happy to work out a payment plan for you to join our CSA. Please contact Ben to discuss.

Do I get to choose what is in the box?

No, We provide a wide diversity of veggies so you that have a variety of items to try. No boxes week-to-week will be the same and you will always have at least one new item. Please communicate to us about any produce you really like or do not like. While our CSA is not fully customizable, we will be conscious of what you like to eat and do our best to accommodate your preferences. 

Do I harvest my own food?

No, we do all the work for you! We harvest and CLEAN fresh produce for each week’s share. 

Do you offer local products other than vegetables?

Yes, we do! We offer additional products for purchase such as eggs, fruit, meat, hot sauce, sauerkraut, granola, dried herbs, and more. They are all produced by us or one of our local friends. 

Where and when can I pick-up my share?

We have multiple pick-up locations. Please refer to this year’s CSA Sign Up for exact locations and times for this season. If you would like to have a pick-up location at your home or place of business, please contact us. Any location with at least 5 members will be considered. We want our pick up locations to be as convenient as possible for our members.

How long is the CSA season?

Our season in 22 weeks from late May to mid-November. 

What if I’m on vacation or can’t make the pick-up day one week?

Your membership includes 22 weeks of fresh produce. We realize this is a long time, and occasionally you may not be available to pick up your share. If you are unable to pick up your share, you have 3 options.

Option 1: have somebody pick it up for you.

Option 2: Use the CSA website and schedule a hold. You must schedule a hold at least 48 hours prior to your pick-up time. You can schedule a maximum of 2 holds and they will be added on to the end of the season. So you have 24 weeks, if needed, to pick up your 22 shares.

Option 3: Schedule a temporary location change on the CSA website. Allows you to pick up on a different day of the same week you will not be able to pick up on your usual pick up day.

If you do not pick up your share for any reason (including forgetting), it will be donated to the pickup location.  Please do not contact any pick-up locations if you have missed your specified pick-up time. ​

What if I want bulk quantities to can or freeze?

Preserving is a great way to enjoy the season’s bounty during the winter. Call or email Ben if you are looking for items in bulk. Most crops will be available at a discounted price.  

What size shares do you offer?

We have small, regular, and robust shares available. We offer the same amount of seasonal diversity for small shares, but please be aware you may not get some items the regular and robust share do.  Expect 6-8 items per box and portions for two people with a small share and 8-10 items per box and portions for four people with a regular share. Robust share will likely have the same variety as regular, but more of some items. If you are feeding two people who eat a lot of veggies, we recommend a regular or robust share. Contact Ben as soon as possible if your share size isn't working out. We want you to be comfortable and happy with the size share you are getting.

Can we split a share with someone else?

If you find someone to split your share, you are welcome to split your box. You are responsible for all arrangements in splitting your share and be aware that some items are not easily divided up. We do not recommend splitting a small share. It is best to get your own share or split one by switching off weeks - one person would take the entire box one week and the other person would take the entire box the next week.

What are your growing practices?

Pleasant Hill Produce has been growing safe, healthy food since 2013. We use organic and sustainable practices to maintain our farm for future generations to use. We never use synthetic insecticides or herbicides. Purposeful plantings attract beneficial insects and discourage the destructive ones. We scout the farm every day for early insect detection to manage healthy plants. Weeds are controlled through cultivation, hoeing, mulching, hand weeding, and cultural practices. Cover crops are planted to build soil organic matter and protect topsoil from erosion. Rainwater is collected in large storage tanks for irrigation. Our flock of laying hens are free from hormones, antibiotics, and cages. Their diet consists of goodies found in their natural environment, GMO-free feed from our local farmers cooperative, and veggies from the farm and kitchen. We are transparent in our practices, so if you have any questions, please ask us!​

I have a question that is not answered above. How do I get answered?

Call Ben anytime at 301-471-2699. He will be glad you called and is happy to answer your question!